‘Dewshine’: What You Need to Know About the Deadly Soda Concoction

In troubling news out of Tennessee this week, two teenagers died after drinking a combination of soda and racing fuel, a concoction toxicologists refer to as “dewshine.” Two other teens were hospitalized for drinking the mixture, but they recovered.

Here’s what you need to know in case “dewshine” becomes a bigger trend:

  • “Dewshine” is created by combining soda (as the name suggests, that soda is often Mountain Dew) and racing fuel.
  • Racing fuel is 100 percent methanol, a toxic, colorless, volatile flammable liquid alcohol that’s not meant for human consumption.
  • The fuel is easy to obtain and sells for about $8 a gallon. Kids can legally buy it.
  • The symptoms of drinking methanol are similar to alcohol at first, but eventually they may become more serious and cause “blurred vision, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, blindness, coma and even death.”
  • The Methanol Institute reports that drinking 25-90 milliliters of methanol can be fatal without proper medical treatment.

For more references, visit this page here.

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