About CHP

The purpose of the Community Health Partnership is to evaluate the health status of the community and help identify health priority areas. Local agencies will then partner together to help improve the health of the community.

If you are interested in joining the Community Health Partnership and helping our community become the healthiest community in which to live, learn, work and play, fill out a contact form: here.

Our vision:

To be the healthiest community in which to live, learn, work and play.

Our mission:

Working together to enhance community environments and promote healthy lifestyles.

Our goals:

  • Enhance efficiency of community connections
  • Decrease duplication of efforts (and meetings)
  • Improve awareness and health within the community (Stutsman County)

Our meetings:

We meet on the second Thursday of every month at Central Valley Health District.


Our meetings are open to anyone who has a passion for community health.  If you would like to attend a meeting and/or receive meeting notes, contact us at Central Valley!

Coalition history:

The “Healthy Lifestyle Coalition,” which is now the Community Health Partnership began in 2004.  The mission at the time was working together to enhance community environments and promote healthy lifestyles.  The vision was community members living healthy lifestyles.  The mission and vision has since changed.

Some of the activities that the Health Lifestyles Coalition participated in initial meetings were the Health Fairs and the Home and Garden Show; On the Move which was a class for all Stutsman County Fifth Graders; Dr. Kumar’s presentations; the Middle Schools Food Vendors Fair; the School Food Survey; the Discover the Trails brochure; the Do campaign; school business and vending machines; Public walk events; adult education classes, the website and media work.


Community partners in Stutsman County have been meeting since 2010 to assess the health status of the community in order to identify priority areas and improve health.

A comprehensive process completed in 2012 was the result of a demonstration site project funded by the National Association of City and County Health Officials.

The Community Health Partnership was “formed” in March 2013 after the completion of the 2012 Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan. The Community Health Partnership is comprised of community members and numerous community agencies.

The purpose of the Community Health Partnership is to provide effective, quality health and safety services in an environment that enables community members to reach their full potential through assessment, leadership and partnerships.

Past Successes:

Local Community Health Assessment data determined the four priority areas of focus for the Community Health Partnership coalition including: Obesity and Physical Activity, Access to Care, Employment, and Physical Environment (affordable housing).  The following includes the successes of the coalition and our partners (with support of the CHP) in each of the four priority areas in 2016-2017:


Obesity & Physical Activity:

  • Another successful year of the New Year, New You challenge at JRMC
  • Two Rivers Activity Center will be complete in the Fall of 2017
    • There will be a TRAC 5K run/walk event during White Cloud days Summer 2017 to fund scholarships for low income families to use the TRAC facility. BCBS grant funds will be used as well
  • CHP received a Blue Cross Blue Shield grant to develop downtown Jamestown by creating a walking trail and placing signage in the downtown area
  • The CHP received the Everybody Walks micro grant to expand its downtown walking trail signage and developed signs for each of the walking trails and parks in Jamestown
  • NDSU Extension expanded programs on healthy eating
  • Jamestown Public Schools provided summer breakfast program Summer 2017
  • Movie Theater ads are running year round promoting walking
  • TRAC receives grant for community orchard
  • Diabetes prevention program begins January 2017 partnership with NDSU extension, CVHD and Essentia clinic
  • The RM Stoudt Running of the Pink had 567 participants in May 2017

Access to Care – Cost & Adequacy of Health Insurance:

  • Partnership of CVHD/Women’s Way and Jamestown Regional Medical Center promoting the “No Excuses” Campaign featuring breast health at no cost to the patient. Eighty-three women were assisted with services
  • Sanford has added two Family Practice providers to their team
  • Sharps collection at Jamestown Regional Medical Center
  • Community drug drop off/take back program safe disposal receptacle at the Law Enforcement Center
  • Health Tracks services provided for those children on ND Medicaid
  • Brought awareness of preventing child abuse to the community through a grant, awareness day was held and a pinwheel garden was planted for public awareness.
  • Kid’s safety day is scheduled for June 22, 2017. Partnership with Jamestown Police for a bike rodeo
  • Measure 4 Tobacco Tax was voted on in November 2016 and provides funding for a variety of program such as behavioral health, veterans programs, chronic disease and public health
  • CVHD/JRMC hosting sport physicals for student athletics
  • Senator Heidi Heitcamp held a Substance Abuse awareness meeting at the University of Jamestown. Access to services was addressed
  • CVHD received the Partnership for Success grant focusing on youth Substance Abuse prevention
  • Running of the Pink completed June 2017 – $22,800 for community medical services

Employment – Workforce:

  • August 2016 Unemployment Rate 2.1 – Rank 41
  • August 2016 Labor Force 11,609 – Employed 11,368
  • August 2016 Unemployed 241
  • North Dakota Unemployment Rate 2.8
  • Continue to have low unemployment rate – but also shortages in staffing opportunities

Physical Environment – Not enough affordable housing:

  • City beautification committee formed a subcommittee regarding housing and unfit housing. Committee has changed policy regarding housing standards for exterior housing.
  • Blessing bags were developed for homeless individuals in the community that contain essential items. Bags are available at local service agencies in the community.
  • 30% of the total housing in Stutsman County is renter occupied
  • In Jamestown, housing is up to a 4% vacancy rate from 2% (spring 2016)


  • The Community Health Partnership hosted a Legislative Forum in November 2016, inviting our local legislators to come to Stutsman County to discuss local issues.
  • Central Valley participated in the 2016 University of Jamestown Block Party and surveyed people over 18 years old asking “What is one danger of underage drinking?”
  • CHP Drug Take Back Week in April was a success, as drop off facilities collected 13.8 pounds of expired and used medications for safe disposal