Jamestown Walking Trails


October 14, 2016

Fitness Route established in downtown Jamestown

Central Valley Health District (CVHD) has established a 1.5 mile fitness route, “Get Fit & Explore,” in downtown Jamestown with grant funds through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The goal of the fitness route is to offer a safe walking route in Jamestown and encourage increased quality of life by exercising. CVHD has partnered with Jamestown Tourism’s newly established Talking Trail by incorporating historical points of interests along the route. This provides a two-fold benefit to the fitness route; exercise and historical education of our community.

This route takes approximately 30 minutes, walking at an average pace. This time may vary if walking quicker or stopping to take in the Talking Trail’s historical narrative or sites along the way. To ensure the correct route, signs, posts, or confidence markers are placed at each historical location and turning point. The posts include a statement or question leading you to the next location, as well as the time, in minutes, it should take you to get to the next location. The back of the posts illustrate a map of the route and all the points of interests.

The route is currently ready for the community.



To print this map, click:  Get Fit & Explore

For a full map of all walking paths in Jamestown, click:  Discover the Trails Brochure