Red Ribbon Week Success!

Partnership for Success partnered with Jamestown Middle School student council to promote health awareness and prevention with Red Ribbon Week October 30 – November 3. The Red Ribbon Campaign is a national campaign that occurs annually promoting drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention. The student council and advisers organized activities, as well as planned dress up days for each day of the week. The event conclude with an activity night on Friday, November 3 at the middle school where kids were provided a safe place to hang out, play fun games, and participate in activities.

Red Ribbon Week Pledge Poster
Jamestown Middle School students signed a “pledge” to be drug-free

Jamestown Area Walking Trails

Discover the Trails - Final-page-001 (1)Discover the Trails - Final-page-002 (2)

To find a hard copy of the brochure near you, visit a variety of locations in Jamestown including the Civic Center, Buffalo Museum, Park and Rec, various hotels, and Central Valley Health District.

OR print it yourself/save on your mobile device here:

Discover the Trails brochure

Jamestown Block Party and Underage Drinking

Central Valley Health’s Partnership for Success hosted a booth at the Jamestown Community Block Party on August 31 to collect data regarding underage drinking in the community.  Two groups were surveyed including:

  • College aged students 18-20 years old
  • All adults over 21

There were 419 surveys completed at the event.  The document below illustrates some of the intriguing results from the effort.  If you have any questions regarding the data, please contact the PFS grant coordinator, Shannon Kaiser, at or 701-252-8130.

Block Party Data Handout 2017-1


Don’t Allow Underage Drinking

Graduation Alcohol Prevention


Jamestown, N.D. – This time of the year is busy for parents and families; it is the season for high school graduation celebrations.  Central Valley Health is reminding parents to model good behavior for the upcoming graduation weekend and to “Be a Responsible Host, Don’t Use Alcohol to Toast.”  Central Valley encourages good choices because they contribute to good outcomes.  Parents are the number one influence in the lives of their kids.  Parents and adults can help kids make good choices by doing the following:

  • Modeling responsibility this graduation season.
  • Not serving or allowing alcohol to be consumed by an underage person at a party you are hosting.  Providing alcohol to a minor is breaking the law and this behavior also portrays to youth that underage drinking as acceptable.
  • A local survey found that 90.3% of adults in the Region reported that it is not okay for parents to offer alcoholic beverages in their homes to youth.1
  • Continuing to keep our youth safe – underage drinking may lead to unintentional injury which is the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 44 in Stutsman County.

Talking to teens about drinking can sometimes be challenging, but it is worth it when it comes to safety.  Parents – start the conversation with your teen by discussing your concerns with the graduation and summer festivities.  Remember, you play a large role in influencing your child’s behavior.

For more information about alcohol laws in North Dakota, go to

For more resources on how to talk to kids about alcohol go to or


1 North Dakota Community Readiness Survey, 2015.

Kids Safety Day Scheduled for June 22

The 2nd Annual Kids Safety Day is scheduled for June 22, 2017 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Jamestown Civic Center.  The event is brought to you by the Community Health Partnership coalition.  All partners are able to host an interactive booth at the event.  If you are interested in hosting a booth, please contact Julie Hoeckle at Central Valley Health via email ( or phone (701-252-8130).

Kids Safety Day JPG

Partnership for Success

Central Valley Health recently received a new grant called the Partnership for Success (PFS).  The focus of PFS is the prevention of underage drinking among youth 12-20 years old.  The Community Health Partnership will be incorporating PFS into it’s monthly meetings, as many of our partners deal with substance abuse in some way in their field of work.  The coordinator of the Partnership for Success grant is Shannon Kaiser.  If you would like to get involved with the PFS or have any questions, please contact Shannon at or 701-252-8130.

Parthernship for Success 1 pager