There are three workbooks required for submission in the first year of the Partnership for Success grant process.  The three workbooks include the following:

Strategic Planning 


Planning is pivotal to prevention success—it helps to focus the energy of staff and other stakeholders, ensures that they are working toward the same goals, and provides the means for assessing, evaluating, and adjusting programmatic direction.


Capacity Building

UPDATED 12/2017

Building capacity involves building and mobilizing local resources and readiness to address identified prevention needs.

Capacity Building workbook

Community Assessment

Due February 15, 2017 – APPROVED

Assessment is the first step of the Strategic Prevention Framework.  To change a problem, you must first understand it.  The assessment step is sometimes referred to as “assessing needs” (or “needs assessment”) because the data collected during the assessment will reveal what a community, state, tribe, or jurisdiction needs in order to prevent substance abuse and promote wellness.

Assessment involves gathering the following data:

  • Nature and extent of substance use problems and related behaviors (this refers to substance use consequences and consumption, terms that may be more familiar)
  • Risk and protective factors that influence substance use problems and related behaviors
  • Available resources and readiness of the community to address these problems


Community Assessment workbook

*Workbooks are working documents and are subject to change*