Priority Areas

2018 Priority Areas:




2015 Priority Areas:

A public survey was conducted by the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health (UND CRH) from February to March 2015. The survey was available in both paper and electronic versions; a variety of notices were provided to the general public. Approximately 300 surveys were completed. Analysis was provided by the UND CRH and results were shared at a community meeting. The following were the top  seven community concerns from the survey (listed in order of frequency):

  • Ability to retain doctors and nurses in the community
  • Availability of specialists
  • Availability of doctors and nurses
  • Cost of health insurance
  • Not enough affordable housing
  • Not enough health care staff in general
  • Adequacy of health insurance (concerns about out-of-pocket costs)

The Community Health Partnership determined 4 priority areas for the committee:

Priority Area: Obesity & Physical Activity
Proposed Goal: Stutsman County will explore and develop opportunities that support residents in achieving increased physical activity.

Priority Area: Physical Environment
Proposed Goal: Attract and maintain adequate affordable housing in Stutsman County.

Priority Area: Access to Care: – Cost and Adequacy of Health Insurance
Proposed Goal: Explore insurance coverage among Stutsman County residents

Priority Area: Employment – Workforce
Proposed Goal: Explore and support efforts to increase the quality and availability of jobs in Stutsman County